How much could your Prescot Area home rent for on Airbnb?

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  • Get your dream home - In this scenario, You the homeowner sells Your current home and uses that money (minus 7% selling costs) as a downpayment on their dream home.
  • Buy a rental property - In this scenario, You the homeowner can take out equity up to 70% combined loan-to-value and use it as a 30% down payment on a rental property. If you don't have 70% combined loan-to-value, they will see alternative information suggesting you wait until you have enough equity.
  • Rent your home and buy another: In this case, You the homeowner uses up to 80% combined loan-to-value in equity to make a 25% down payment on your new home. Then, after moving, you keep and rent your old home.
  • Sell and pocket the cash: Easiest scenario of all. You sell your house and pockets the full equity minus 7% selling fees on the final sales price.

Please note: These modules only display when you have more than 20% equity, totaling at least $25,000 or more. 


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